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Inspections – Installation – Service + Maintenance

We enjoy providing top-notch service and maintenance to all types of shop equipment.

We employ ALI Certified Lift Inspectors and put every employee on the path to becoming one.  Our services don’t stop at Lift or Equipment Inspections – we install and service all types of equipment as well.

  • New life

    Give your old lifts a new lease on life and your mechanics the peace of mind knowing their equipment is safe and secure.

  • Laser Leveled

    If you didn't get your four post or alignment rack installed or adjusted by us - I bet you are hearing multiple clicks when you hear the locks pass.

    Give us a call today!

  • Don't wait!

    Broken cables, slide block shudder, don't wait until your customers vehicle is stuck on the lift to call us!

  • Two Post, Pad Lifts, Four Post, Scissor Lifts

    We install it all!!! Get your lift installed by your local ALI Certified Lift Inspector.

    ALL lifts installed now come with the first year ALI sticker.

How much does downtime cost? Idle Techs Angry Customers Lost Sales
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